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What People Are Saying

“If you’re the one writing this, it’s damned good writing…very personal, (actually interesting) captivating, compelling, etc. Bravo!! I’m glad I get these - you’re giving me some ideas. I’m inspired.”

Scott ZoselJournalist turned Senior Marketing Manager and Musician

“I've been spending months trying to untangle my domain expertise and passions to direct everything into a focused offering. Corey has been a huge help here, pointing out oversights and helping me to personally see where dots are connecting.”

Matt DurgavichGaming Professional turned Creator

“Corey has provided a lot of inspiration and encouragment for making the final step from full time employment to full time self deployment :). Better than that are the excercises he has suggested that really help clarify what it is I want to accomplish in life so that I can work through the process and discover how to best serve my overall "why" in day to day business. ”

Cory TomeshEmployee turned Business Owner, Sprint Graphics