If you…

  • Feel stuck between two worlds: too young to retire but too worn out for the 9-5 grind (and need to figure out what's next).

  • Want a future where work feels less like a duty and more like a choice (and need a proven strategy).

  • Are sick of relying on one employer for job security (and you're itching to take control of your future).

  • Are tired of seeking approval from people who know less than you (and to be your own boss for a change).

  • Want to earn money using your existing skills without starting a full-on business or going back to school (and wonder how that's possible)

Well, then we need to have a little talk.

(The retirement gods have brought us together for a reason.)


  • It’s not about clocking in, zombifying, then clocking out.

  • It’s not about grinding your gears day in, day out.

  • It’s not about listening to somebody half your age tell you how to do your job.

  • It’s not about sitting around, waiting to hit that "magic" age.

  • And for sure, it's not about letting cool stuff pass you by.

It's about adding to getting more control over your time and income.

I Will Help You With That.

Uh, Ok?! Who the hell are you?

I'm Corey Koehler (That's KAY-ler for ya).

Welcome to my rollercoaster from a lost 20-something blue-collar worker to 40-year-old, $40K/year cubicle guy to a six-figure solopreneur — all while juggling family and playing dad and husband. And, even at 51, I'm still on the move!

I've got a thing for risk-taking. In my late 20s, I took a huge pay cut to leave a high-paying foundry job to go back to school, again.

Then in my early 40s; I flipped the script on the whole "Get an education, get something steady" spiel we all heard growing up.

Instead, I poured myself into Google Ads, became a musician, and even managed to become an online marketing geek.

So what do I actually do?

Right now, I chunk of my income comes from being a Google Ads manager.

I’ve managed over a million bucks in Google Ads spend for businesses in just about every niche you can think of.

  • Fantasy football? Check.

  • Luxury real estate? Done that.

  • Custom software? You bet.

Speaking of niches, I’ve got a few…

Besides all that marketing jazz, I'm a the guy who’s been writing and releasing music for a decade and running MusicMarketingGuy.com to share what I've learned.

From my first concert, Kiss "Animalize" tour in '84, to thumbing through albums at the record store (remember those?), music's my jam.

And yes, I’ve been called the "Cool Dad," despite my kids thinking otherwise. Also a tolerable husband and a Pro Football Junkie (Skol Vikings!).

Now, I’m aiming to be your go-to for building a life you don’t want to retire from and the sweet science of shifting gears in your career.

Why am I doing all of this?

'Cause I love help people become success stories. And small business and entrepreneurship are in my veins, passed down from my dad. I've seen firsthand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into running your own show. But man, there’s nothing like the feeling of doing it your own way.

At the ripe age of 51, with 19 jobs under my belt, I've finally found my groove.

My goal now is to help create more success stories by helping current and wannabe entrepreneurs get ahead.

So if you're in your 40s or 50s, looking to level up your life and are you ready for some real talk, inspiration, and a dose of early unretirement wisdom?

Sound like something you want to be a part of…

Sign up and stick around because we're just getting started.

The Ideal Redefining Retirement Reader

Redefining Retirement will address music, marketing, the future of work, and early retirement issues with a focus on 40 and 50-year-old Gen Xer’s who fall into the following categories:

  • Late-bloomers

  • 9-to-5 escapees

  • Pension planners

  • Corporate skeptics

  • Midlife career-shifters

  • Career-changing dads

  • Burned-out employees

  • Small business owners

  • Independence seekers

  • Retirement accelerators

  • Financial freedom chasers

  • Passive income enthusiasts

  • Dissatisfied Gen X men and women

I don't see many blogs or communities discussing these issues in this way for these groups.

Redefining puts more emphasis on loving what you do for as long as you can do it.

Redefining Retirement (My) Guarantee

Bottom line, I see a lot of 40 and 50-year-olds out there who are stuck in jobs they don’t like and looking for more out of life.

I was stuck in jobs I hated too. I am constantly trying different things to do make my work more meaningful and connect with people interested in doing the same.

I do not have all the answers but what I do have and find I will share with you.

-Corey Koehler

P.S. in the spirit of full disclosure

I do have many affiliate links and sponsored ads present throughout the site. Why? Because it would be stupid not to. And besides, why shouldn't we be able to earn a few bucks for our work/talent?

You can earn money through affiliate links too. Want to know how? just sign up, introduce yourself, and reply to the welcome email to let me know. I’ll show you.