Deep Dives On The Significance of AI

Plus AI as a cheat code and how to avoid the fate of the Normie.

Hey There,

Shit is gettin’ deep…

I am halfway through a course that’s showing me how to use AI to simplify and better position my Google Ads business and it’s so freakin cool.

It feels like using those Nintendo cheat codes that would give us unlimited lives or weapons.

It’s pretty wild, and I can’t wait to share with you someday.

So, while I’m working on that, I’m going to turn it over to some real AI experts for this week’s post.

They do a great job of explaining the significance of AI. I know they will help you gain a better understanding of the huge opportunity that we have to improve our lives and careers.

Plus, it this knowledge will help you avoid the wrath of Normie haters…

He’s a little over the top there and probably has some anger issues, but he’s not wrong.

Let’s avoid being Normies…

Video Deep Dives

Below you’ll see a few video conversations with an AI scientist and researcher named Brain Roemmele.

These conversations go way beyond the tabloid AI stuff most people are pimping out there like, how to write 500 blog posts in ten minutes or how AIs are gonna take your job and leave you sucking on the teet of Uncle Sam for the rest of your life.

These are next level.

And even though they do get a tad deep, don't let it freak you out. If a C student like me can follow along, pretty much anyone can.

So, cue these up, go for a walk, or listen while you do some work.

And while you’re at it, think about how you can use AI as a cheat code to help make your life and career better.

Here are those videos…

Video #1

The first video is Brain's conversation with James Altucher (an author who wrote a few excellent books, like “Choose Yourself” which I recommend).

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation…

“[AI]…the moment in history that is equal to the Gutenberg Press and the discovery of fire you have at your fingertips the most powerful tool that Humanity has ever had.”

Brian Roemmele

Think about what he’s saying there… “The most powerful tool that Humanity has ever had.”

Don’t you want a piece of that?

Topics discussed in this video include:

  • The rise of AI in business

  • How AI is shaping our understanding of the world

  • How the combination of humans and AI can lead to creative solutions

(Side note: you can find both of these conversations on pretty much any podcasting app, I just grabbed the YouTube videos because it is easy for anyone to watch or listen).

Video #2

The second video is Brain's conversation with Dr. Jordan Peterson. Jordan, being a psychologist and university professor, takes the conversation into more philosophical territory.

Questions discussed in this video include:

  • Why non-STEM courses are more important for working with AI

  • How AI could be used to catalog your consciousness

  • Whether or not AI will be the death of creativity

Now, Go Listen

Like I said, download these, go for a walk, or listen while you do some work.

And think about how you can use AI as a cheat code to make your life and career better.

And If you don’t have time for both, I recommend the James Altucher episode since it leans more into the Future of Work.

Don’t be a Normie.


For some odd reason, this whole AI discussion made me think of the MTV era.

That makes sense, right?


Printing press.

And, to an 80s kid, MTV.


Anyway, I thought about how it took us from radio to video and how much that changed the music industry and pop culture.

With MTV, if you were an artist, it was just good enough to sound good, you had to look good too.

The artists who didn’t understand or accept this were seriously handicapping themselves because, at the time, MTV was like a cheat code.

You could grind it out on radio and on tour (bust your ass like early Metallica did).

OR you could embrace video and make it into rotation on MTV, shortcut your way to a huge audience, and have a much better shot at stardom.

Anyway, something to think about.

Now, check this out—the first 5:16 minutes of MTV.

That probably brought back a few memories, aye?!

That’ll do it for today.

Thanks again for reading; I really appreciate every second you spend listening to me ramble.


Now go check out those podcasts, and let’s discuss.



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