Why I’m Amping Up Music Over Retirement

How The Corey Story Blueprint Changed My Outlook

Something unexpected happened…

As I went through the Corey Story process, I found more clarity about what I want for my future.

Music is where I need to be: making it, marketing it, and sharing it.

After all, it is my first love. And, according to some, it is future-proof.

So, from today on, I will spend less time on Redefining Retirement and more time on my music projects on PlanetCorey and Musicgoat.

I can’t say how much I’ll post here from today forward, but it definitely won’t be weekly anymore.

But I don’t want to leave you high and dry.

So, I have a way for you to continue exploring AI, opportunities, and other future of work whatnot.

Your New Guide

For the past year, I’ve been researching the best AI and opportunity-finding resources.

And this past week, I made a list of all of them and created a guide for you:

The AI Opportunity Resource Guide

Think of it as me handing over my notebook after a year of sitting in class and taking notes.

The guide is packed with links to all my favorite online watering holes, including newsletters, courses, books, insider podcasts, and expert YouTube channels.

This guide is designed to direct you to what you need, whether you're diving into AI basics or scouting for the next big opportunity.

You can grab this guide, leapfrog the hours of research, and go straight for the good stuff.

It’s not just about saving time—it's about arming yourself with the best tools and knowledge to stay relevant and find future-proof work you’ll actually like.

Ready to start exploring?

Click below and step into a world of curated AI wisdom and opportunity-finding a-ha moments.

Take the chance to turn hours of aimless searching into minutes of strategic discovery. Grab your guide.

Have a good one,


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