Music Monday: Dee Motivation

What the Lead Singer of an 80s Metal Band Can Teach Us About Attitude and Mindset

If you grew up in the 80s and watched MTV, these lines might ring a bell…

What is that?

A Twisted Sister pin on your uniform?

What kind of a man are you?

They’re from the Twisted Sister video for “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

That video and song made the subject of today’s email very rich.

I’m talking about the lead singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider.

Check out this interview with Dee on the Steve-O podcast (below).

Once I pressed play, I couldn’t stop listening and had to share.

Whether you like his music or not, it’s a great and inspiring listen.

Dee talks about stuff like….

  • How he almost got kicked out of Twisted Sister for drinking too much coffee (not booze, not drugs, coffee).

  • How he lost everything in the ‘90s and had to get a job answering phones (picture that).

  • A throw-away Christmas song he wrote for his wife ended up being recorded by a huge pop star (and is now one of the top-selling Christmas songs EVER).

And those are just a few.

He has a great attitude and mindset that we can learn from.

Press play…

Oh, and one more Dee-inspired shot of inspiration before you go…

Here’s a song I shared in a previous post to help get you jacked up about your potential and future opportunities.

It’s a cover of the Twisted Sister song “Stay Hungry” by a band called Fozzy.

The original version is good, but the crunchier distortion on the guitars on this cover really turn up the intensity.

It’s a great song that can get you pumped up for just about anything.

Have a good one,


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