Revolutionizing Expertise: My Odyssey from Web to AI

How To Fuse Our Time-Honored Skills with the Future's Most Potent Tool

I was blown away.

In 1997, when my work computer finally got internet access, I'd stay after work for hours, exploring the web.

At that time, it was like having a superpower.

Hell, remember, it wasn’t until the mid to late 90s that if we wanted to learn almost anything, we'd either have to head to a library or find someone with the knowledge.

A lot of friction.

Now, all of that information was (and still is) right at our fingertips.

Revolution Calling

This digital revolution changed my life in so many ways.

Tablature and sheet music sites reignited my passion for guitar. Suddenly, I could learn any song on demand. This led me to release two albums and play over 100 shows.

It showed me that I was more than a C student. When I could dive into subjects I was actually interested in, I was an A student.

It showed me that there was so much more out there for me than I had been told.

It revealed a world full of opportunities beyond the traditional "get a job and wait for retirement" path.

Outdated To Liberated

The internet opened doors for me and gave me a new career… actually a few.

From being a mechanical draftsman to a media buyer, freelancer, singer-songwriter, blogger, and podcaster, the internet opened doors for me. Every role I stepped into earned me an income in some way.

Since the day I entered the rabbit hole, the skills I’ve learned and the confidence I’ve gained along with them have helped ensure that I stayed relevant and in demand, even through the 2008 recession and 2021 pandemic.

The internet liberated me from outdated thinking, anchoring me in optimism instead of pessimism.

To say it changed my life is the understatement of all understatement.

The Internet On Steroids

Now, I see AI as the next transformative leap. It's like the internet on steroids.

With AI, I don't search for information; I ask, and the answers come to me.

Like This:

It's like having a time machine.

Imagine how long that would have taken us in the 80s? Assuming we even had a library or access to someone with that knowledge. Days?

Or how about in the 2000s with the internet? Hours?

2023, seconds.

Last Thursday, I attended an AI training session. The trainer conducted in-depth market research in just a couple of hours. The depth and insights were astounding, and the questions posed were from a seasoned marketer's perspective.

What once took hours or days now takes mere minutes.

Your Turn

Combine AI with our existing skills, experience, and curiosity, and we're unstoppable.

It empowers those of us with deep domain knowledge, making us incredibly valuable.


Because the person who asks the better questions becomes the most valuable asset.

Think about it: Who's more valuable?

Those of us with 20 years of experience in our domains plus AI or a 20-year-old just starting to learn with AI's help?

We have the edge.

You're sitting on a goldmine. Grab that digital pick and axe—it's time to start mining.

Ready to rock out with your the power of AI?

Get yourself a ChatGPT account and ask it this...

ChatGPT, you are a career coach specializing in helping Gen X professionals stay relevant and transition to work they love. How can I use my [CURRENT SKILL] combined with AI to explore new career opportunities or side gigs?

Just copy and paste the above prompt into ChatGPT, swap out [CURRENT SKILL] with one of your skills, and see what you get.

I predict that your future will look a whole lot brighter.

Best I Can

While it may not be my absolute favorite Queensryche song, it feels like a pretty solid complement to this post.

And that chorus is pretty kick ass.

Check it out.

That should get your blood pumping.

Feel free to share your ChatGPT results with me or tell me what you think of today’s song selection.

Until then…

Have a good one,


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