Unique Story-Driven Path To Income Diversification - Part Six

Wrapping Up How To Use Your Story To Transform Risk Into Resilience

Hello there,

Welcome to the final edition of the Corey Story Blueprint.

If you made it this far, you are probably having some pretty serious epiphanies about what you can offer and what your future looks like - I know it has for me.

Let’s not waste any time…

The Corey Story Blueprint Finale’

Here’s what we are covering on the Blueprint today.

we’re going to teach our audience a little somethin’ about the skills and interests that lead to our version of the good life.

  • Introduction

    • Where did you start the transformation?

    • What was the climax of your journey?

    • What did you achieve that is desirable to others?

    • What topics, interests, or skills helped get you there?

  • Section 1: My Philosophy (Answers the question: How does one live their best life?)

    • Describe your ideal future and lifestyle in detail. What goals are you leading your followers toward?

    • Describe the enemy. What is the future and lifestyle you want to avoid, like the plague?

    • What are beliefs you have that others would find extremely offensive?

    • What is the importance of each topic, interest, or skill you've learned to help you on the way toward your ideal lifestyle?

  • Section 2: Education

    • Educate your audience on the skills you learned that lead to your version of the good life. What are those skills and interests?

  • Section 3: Practice

    • Create step-by-step systems and practices that your readers/viewers can use to get better at your skills. (Best if you make it your own).

Section 3: Practice

And here is the final step in the Corey Story Blueprint….

Create step-by-step systems and practices that your readers/viewers can use to get better at your skills.

Ideally, you would like to make a system of your own, BUT I am going to cheat on this one a little.

I am going to recommend a course that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online by becoming an Ad Buyer (like me).

The course is…

Everything you learn in AdSkills will give you the ability to make money, whether it’s selling your own products or services or helping others promote theirs.

If I were to start over today, this is where I’d go to learn how to market anything online.

I went through their certification a few years back after I’d been marketing online for years.

Even though I had been marketing online for almost ten years at that point, it filled in a lot of gaps. Plus, the combination of courses and community has definitely helped me make more money since I’ve been a member.

Understanding marketing and being an ad buyer are the single biggest reasons I have the lifestyle I have today.

And, it’s a growing industry.

According to Madison and Wall, a newsletter about global advertising, media, and tech, it’s a growing industry.

And that’s not all…

Why Become An Ad Buyer…

Being an Ad Buyer has led to the lifestyle I’ve been sharing with you for this entire series. So, if you found yourself liking the lifestyle I’ve described, becoming an Ad Buyer is your ticket.

And, there are a lot more reasons where that came from.

Check out what Perplexity.ai dug up when I ask the question…

What are some good reasons to change careers to become an internet marketing and ad buyer?

Changing careers to become an internet marketer and ad buyer can be a significant move, offering numerous benefits and opportunities for growth. Here are some compelling reasons to consider this career path:

### High Demand and Job Security

The digital age is only beginning, with an increasing number of global businesses coming online. This surge in digital presence means that the demand for digital marketers will continue to grow, offering ultimate job security and the potential for high salaries[1].

### Career Flexibility

Digital marketing offers unparalleled career flexibility. As you acquire more online marketing skills, you can easily pivot to specialize in areas that interest you most, such as SEO, social media, or content creation. This flexibility extends to work arrangements, allowing for a better work-life balance[1].

### Global and Diverse Client Base

Working in digital marketing means you can have a global and diverse client base, from promoting wineries to selling software. This diversity ensures that your workdays are never dull and that you're always learning something new[1].

### Opportunity to Work with a Media Buyer

Collaborating with a media buyer can significantly enhance your campaigns. Media buyers possess extensive knowledge and negotiating clout, ensuring your ad spend goes further and your campaigns are placed optimally for maximum impact[2].

### Leverage Existing Skills

Digital marketing allows you to leverage your existing skills, whether they're in writing, graphic design, or data analytics. This means you can make a meaningful impact using your creativity and analytical abilities[3].

### Continuous Learning and Creativity

The digital marketing field is fast-paced and constantly evolving, requiring you to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. This environment fosters continuous learning and creativity, making it an exciting career choice[3].

### Potential for Entrepreneurship

With digital marketing skills, you have the option to work for yourself, launching your own digital brand, products, or services. This path offers the freedom to reap the rewards of your labor directly[3].

### Addressing Skill Shortages

There's a global demand for marketers with agile digital skills, yet there's a shortage worldwide. By acquiring these in-demand skills, you can set yourself apart in the job market and fast-track your career progression[4].

### Transferable Skills

Digital marketing is accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. Skills from previous careers, such as communication, creativity, and data analysis, are highly transferable and valuable in the digital marketing realm[5].

In conclusion, transitioning to a career in internet marketing and ad buying offers numerous advantages, including job security, flexibility, continuous learning, and the potential for entrepreneurship. Whether you're looking to leverage your existing skills or seeking a dynamic and creative career path, digital marketing presents a wealth of opportunities.

Citations for the above at Perplexity.ai

Which of those was the most compelling to you?

I bet there were a few.

And it failed to mention that internet marketing and Ad Buying are something you can do when you're 100+ years old.

You’ll always be relevant.

(You’ll be surprised how inexpensive it is.)

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. The final section of the Corey Story Blueprint.

Can you see how you can use your story, skills, and experience to make money?

This exercise should’ve at least got the juices flowing.

And, if you can add some marketing skills to that, you are really setting yourself up for the future.

So, definitely look into AdSkills because you will not regret it.

Create and promote your own Story Blueprint.

Have a good one,


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